Keep Calm and Imagine Dragons

I write, read and fangirl over books, love Taylor Swift, 5SOS and Noah Shaw. Does that make me "different"?

So I watched this today with @ajades545 @lasagnaelisa334 and my other friend Tennessee. It was beautiful. I can’t even. I actually cried at the scene where Lena broke the windows. I loved Ridley, Link, Emily and Savannah (I forgot how to spell her name. At the beginning I have to say it was a bit rushed and the thing that pissed me off the most was that it was NOTHING like the book. Jesus shit man. It pissed me off so much. Oh and it was all like Lena falls in love with Ethan instantly and they kiss so much and it just bothered me but it was fine I love it. Oh, and how Link shot Ethan, I loved that. Does anyone agree with me when I say I ship Linkley (Link + Ridley). No Reece, no Marian, no Ethan’s dad, no Ryan, no Charlotte, no Eden (Charlotte and Eden weren’t that important, I know, but still). It’s like Madge in The Hunger Games. Larkin wasn’t evil, Serafine didn’t stab Ethan, Lena killed Serafine. Don’t even get me started with the locket… All in all I really loved it, really funny, really beautiful and awesome. Macon…oh no…I can’t. #beautifulcreatures #kamigarcia #margaretstohl @kamigarcia @margaretstohl
  • 16 February 2013
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